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Informační centrum
města Kdyně

Nádražní 314,
345 06 Kdyně

Tel.: 377 534 284
Email: infocentrum@kdyne.cz




Informační server ŠumavaNet.CZ

The inquiry office in Kdyně

is situated in the former Jewish synagogue in the Masaryk-street. For the tourists it is open from Monday to Friday every week.


Short information about the town Kdyně:

Kdyně is an important tourist center on the border between Czech Republic and Bavaria. The surrounding wooded hills are interwoven with well marked path, the air smells good of needles. The town was built under the Rýzmberk castle near the old trade path leading through the Všeruby Pass to Bavaria. Its origin goes as far as the beginning of the 13th century. 

The town of Kdyně has two significant ecclesiastic monuments – the Church of St. Nicholas and the former Jewish synagogue. The Church of St. Nicholas forms the panorama of the town and its onion shaped dome with a gilded cross shows the way to the sanctuary, which originated in the 2nd half of the 14th century. The former Jewish synagogue is a sporadic monument remembering the Jewish population of the town. The synagogue originates from the years 1862 - 63.

To the important sights of the Kdyně surroundings belongs surely the village Brůdek with its little Church of St. Wenceslas. This church is considered to be the oldest Wenceslas monument in Bohemia. The imposing Church of St. Anna on the Tanaberk hill belongs to the most remarkable structures of the West Bohemian Baroque. This place is 6 km southwest from Kdyně only.

Near the town you can find the ruins of the Rýzmberk castle, which was founded probably in 1250 by Děpolt Drslavic. Not far from the Rýzmberk are the ruins of the Herštejn castle and this region is protected as a Nature Reservation with many other rare plants. The other Nature Reservation is situated around the ruins of Netřeb (11 km from Kdyně). Between the Rýzmberk and Herštejn castles is still situated the Příkopy, a fortified settlement built as early as in the 11th century.

The look-out tower on the highest hill of the Kdyně Highlands, the Koráb (773 m), enables a spectacular view of the town of Kdyně and the distant environs.

In summer Kdyně offers the recreational activities and swimming in the natural swimming pool in the holiday area “na Hájovně”. The visitors can be accommodated in the huts or in autocamping. In the amphitheatre under the Rýzmberk ruins the famous Country music festival “Rýzmberský hradní guláš” takes place every year.


Accomodation in Kdyně:

2 pensions, autocamping, cottage colony, mountain-hotel, 2 lodging houses and the other possibilities in the environs.


Sport and culture in Kdyně:

some playgrounds, a stadium, a fitness, the horses, the skittles, the tennis courts, a swimming pool, a cinema, a disco, a library